About Julie

I’m a mover. I believe in the ability of yoga and other forms of movement to heal the body and open pathways to the soul. Movement has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, and now I have the privilege of sharing its healing power all over the world. Along the way I’ve had the honour of sharing this journey with mums and dads, elite athletes, tradies, and students.

I love Julie’s refreshingly down to earth style, big heart and great humour! She is a rare teacher who’s incredible depth of knowledge and skill is matched by an uncanny ability to communicate and inspire, making even the most difficult concepts easy to understand. She will transform your practice and your teaching! Sarah Haigh
My eyes and heart have been blown open by all that I've learned in this intensive program. The endless knowledge and effort that Julie puts into her program is phenomenal. Body mind and spirit are united in such a beautiful and delicate way. I would recommend this course to anyone who is passionate about yoga!" Menke Drenth
Wise, soulful and down to earth, not only does Julie facilitate a course bursting with goodness, she creates authentic community. Yoga is connection… connection to self, of mind, body & soul, to others, to the Divine. The sense of community that Julie fosters provides a support network that as the course unfolds is invaluable. Julie rocks, the course rocks, and you’ll start connecting all kinds of dots you’d never even contemplated. Dive in. Kylie Walker
I found the intensives with Julie at Shri Yoga after having done a range of formal yoga teacher training (600 hours+). I was immediately drawn to Julie’s passion as a teacher. I found the experience to be juicy and rich in all of the authentic teachings, philosophy and traditional texts as well as supporting the development of my physical practice, particularly my body’s ability to experience alignment and fullness of expression. Julie has a particular strength in seeing and developing the beauty and gifts of those she works with so this was for me as much a personal as professional journey Marissa Carlyon
The most generous of heart and spirit teacher a person could wish for! Expect absolute authenticity, teachings that are willing to meet you as you shine and as you hide with your shadow selves. Deep gratitude, thank you, Julie. You know what for xo Alison Dale - Student

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