100HR Certificate of Yoga Studies

Teachers and serious students alike will deepen their knowledge and practice of yoga on every level during this potent 100–hour intensive studies program designed for yogis living in the 21st century.

Taught by senior teacher Julie Smerdon, Shri Yoga’s widely sought-after Certificate of Yoga Studies (formerly known as the Practice Intensives) is designed for both serious students and teachers who want to deepen their practice and enhance their skills. Each weekend will be a step on a journey that will experientially deepen your understanding of the core practices of yoga. With a focus on excellence, education, and community, the curriculum focuses on detailed asana technique, yoga philosophy, pranayama, and meditation for modern living. Although this course does not give instruction on how to teach yoga, it is a comprehensive continuing education program for yoga teachers, a solid starting point for aspiring teachers, and the perfect way for keen students to deepen their practice without committing the time or finances necessary to complete a full teacher training.

Intensive-style courses offer the opportunity to spend an extended period of time immersed in learning in the company of like-minded people. We meet once a month, which allows you the opportunity to take your learning out of the studio and integrate it into your daily life. You can expect morning and afternoon asana practices sprinkled with theory, contemplation, journaling, and meditation. This is a space where deep bonding happens and long-term friendships are formed.

With a passion for sharing the authentic practices of yoga with clarity and relevance to modern life, this course is crafted from Julie Smerdon’s nearly 2 decades of teaching experience in the US, Australia and abroad. Guided by the principles of Anusara Yoga ™ the course is offered over 5 months, allowing you to fully integrate the teachings, taking them out of the yoga room and into your day-to-day life.

Suggested Experience and Required Materials

The Certificate of Yoga Studies is open to anyone with some class experience and a desire to deepen their knowledge and practice. It’s also the perfect course for teachers wanting to brush up on the core practices of yoga. Stiffness and injuries are welcome!

Some additional materials will be needed including the following reading list:

  • Shri Yoga’s Certificate of Yoga Studies Manual
  • Finding the Midline by Bill Dorrigan
  • A copy of The Bhagavad Gita (any translation)
  • A copy of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (any translation)


Oct 12 2023



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