Anatomy for Yoga Teachers & Practitioners with Martin Collyer

Anatomy for Yoga TeachersKnowledge of Anatomy is the foundation for understanding alignment, sequencing, and many other parts of yoga practice and teaching. This knowledge empowers you as a teacher to teach from your own experience of your body, rather than just repeating things you’ve heard other teachers say.

I invite you to deepen your understanding of Anatomy in this 2-day course with one of Brisbane’s very best. Martin Collyer is a physiotherapist, yoga teacher, and former professional dancer. Marty’s knowledge of and passion for movement in all forms will help you broaden your skill set as a teacher and fine-tune your practice, as you learn anatomical concepts and principles that apply directly to yoga.

Suitable for yoga teachers, teacher trainees, and yoga practitioners wanting to deepen their knowledge of anatomy.

Hourly Schedule

Saturday 17 February

12:20pm - 6:30pm

Sunday 18 February

9:45a - 3:45p


Feb 17 - 18 2024




Movement Vitality
101 Clarence Street Indooroopilly, Queensland

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