Anatomy for Yoga Teachers and Practitioners with Martin Collyer

Don’t miss this chance to learn anatomy in a way that you can apply directly to your practice and/or teaching!  Martin Collyer is a lifelong movement practitioner, his journey taking him from being a professional ballet dancer, to his study of physiotherapy. He applies his vast knowledge of movement to yoga in a way that is unmatched in Australia.  This from Marty:

“Yoga, for me, provides an incredible means to do what I have sought to do as long as I can remember:  Make sense of myself, and of life, and to know how best to engage in all of this.  The more I get to know about Yoga, the more elusive the subject seems to become.  The more I see its diversity, and how diverse the people and practices have been over the many centuries of its existence, the more I see it like any great idea:  It lives and breathes within us, and means different things to each of us.  While I believe in a healthy reverence for what has come before, I also believe in radical efficacy and in seeking the highest truth available to us.  For me, that lies in study, and work, and clarity, but also in staying open, for our greatest certainty is so often a closed door.”

We’ll meet at Clayfield Yoga Studio on Saturday 30 April from 11am – 6pm, and Sunday 1 May from 10:30am to 4:30pm

Cost:  $250


Apr 30 2022 - May 01 2022


Clayfield Yoga Studio
30 Wagner Road, Clayfield, Brisbane

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