cross lake wisconsin yoga retreat

Lakeside Yoga Retreat – Bristol Wisconsin, USA

cross lake wisconsin yoga retreat

Escape the hustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in tranquillity at our exclusive lakeside retreat on the idyllic shores of Cross Lake. Just a stone’s throw north of Chicago, across the Wisconsin border, awaits a rejuvenating three-day journey combining the soulful practice of yoga with the blissful charms of lake living.

Awaken each morning to the gentle lapping of lake waters and start your day with an invigorating yoga session to greet the sun. As the day unfolds, find freedom and peace, whether you’re gliding across the serene lake on a kayak, losing yourself in the pages of a good book, or sharing laughter and stories with friends new and old. As the sun dips and paints the sky with colours of fire and gold, we’ll wind down with a late afternoon yoga practice that bridges the day into night with grace and intention.

This intimate retreat offers you more than just a chance to deepen your yoga practice; it’s an invitation to connect with nature, with others, and with yourself. With only 4 spots remaining, don’t miss your chance to be part of this unforgettable lakeside sanctuary. Embrace the balance of movement and stillness, connection and solitude, activity and relaxation.

Join us for a retreat that promises to touch the heart and invigorate the spirit. Secure your place now and be ready to create memories that will ripple through your life like the gentle waves of Cross Lake.


  • Meals: Dinner Thursday, Breakfast & Dinner Friday and Saturday, Breakfast Sunday
  • Morning and Afternoon Yoga & Meditation
  • Access to the lake including canoes, kayaks and fishing gear
  • Private Hot Tub


  • $899USD shared room & bath
  • $1100USD King w/ Ensuite



Sep 12 - 15 2024

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