Tuscany Yoga & Food Adventure

I’ve been working with Chef Mel Alafaci of Vanilla Zulu Cooking School to put together the most wonderful combination of yoga, food, and Tuscan culture for you!

We’ll be in Tuscany just as the Italian summer winds down and the grape harvest gets underway. This week will be an unparalleled experience in Italian hospitality, gourmet food, wine, and sightseeing with sprinkles of yoga and meditation to keep you open to the beauty around you. We’ll stay in the heart of the Tuscan countryside at Villa Lavinia, a classic Italian villa oozing with Tuscan elegance. We’ll be immersed in old-world Italian cuisine, culture, wine, nature, and yoga — all while being lovingly wrapped in classic Italian luxury! Chef Mel has some scrumptious Italian specialties in mind to teach us, and there will be tours of the surrounding areas as well as plenty of time to explore on your own.


On Sunday 12 February, Mel and I hosted an information meeting and Italian Cooking Demonstration at Vanilla Zulu in Teneriffe. Click on the sentence below to watch a video of the meeting…



We are working with Nicole Beasley Luxury Travel to curate a full Tuscan experience for you. Because of the size of the villa, space is very limited for this once-in-a-lifetime trip. Use the “Itinerary & Pricing” link below to download the full itinerary including pricing, travel information and information about the wonderful day trips we have planned.



🇮🇹 Join us!!! 🇮🇹

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to view the itinerary and pricing.



Sep 09 - 16 2023
Itinerary & Pricing

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