Daniel Simpson – The Truth of Yoga

Earlier this year, I heard Daniel Simpson on J Brown’s YogaTalks Podcast, and immediately ordered his book The Truth of Yoga: A Comprehensive Guide to Yoga’s History, Texts, Philosophy, and Practicesand then completed his online course based on the book not long afterward.  From his days as a foreign correspondent for the New York Times to his current scholarly work, Daniel has been a fierce advocate for exposing the truth, both in journalism and in yoga. Daniel has a no-nonsense, fact-based approach to the history of yoga philosophy that I really appreciate.  In this episode, we chat about his background, his scholarly work, and the truth about what know about the origins of the way we practice today.

Daniel is offering some really high-calibre online courses at the moment – you can find more info on his website:  www.danielsimpson.info 

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