Jivana Heyman | Accessibility, Community, and Wholeness

This was my first time ‘meeting’ Jivana Heyman. He’s the founder and director of Accessible Yoga, an organisation dedicated to increasing access to yoga, and to supporting yoga teachers. I first heard Jivana on Daniel Simpson’s podcast “Ancient Futures, and what he was saying resonated so deeply with me that I immediately ordered his latest book, “The Teachers Guide to Accessible Yoga.”

In this episode we chat about everything from his beginnings teaching yoga to AIDS patients during the peak of the epidemic in the 1990s, and how those students taught him that yoga, in the truest sense of what it is can happen in ANY body. His story is truly inspiring and his message is similar to mine: that by shifting cultural perception about yoga away from the perfect images we see on social media, we have a starting point for a yoga that can serve humanity.

Find Jivana:

Website: Accessible Yoga School

Book: The Teacher’s Guide to Accessible Yoga

Instagram: @jivanaheyman

Facebook: Jivana Heyman

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