The Art of Teaching – Full Course

The Art of Teaching is a 50-hour continuing education program designed for yoga teachers who want to stay on the path of learning and set their classes apart. Each module covers a topic that is key for teachers dedicated to honing their craft, and often not covered in 200-hour trainings. 

Modules are delivered once each month over five months. Complete the full program to earn 50 Continuing Education Credits, or purchase modules individually, choosing the topics that will best amplify your own teaching. You’ll find details of the different modules and booking options at the bottom of this page.

Julie brings with her over 20 years of teaching experience and a passion for helping teachers grow. The knowledge and wisdom you will receive on the key topics covered will help you to develop the critical skills needed to set your teaching apart in an increasingly crowded industry.

Equally important, you’ll connect with other teachers, grow your knowledge and deepen your impact.

Due to the ongoing nature of COVID, please note that as the situation requires, modules may be either rescheduled or moved online.

Hourly Schedule

Module 1

9am - 4:30pm
4th February 2022
Creating Life-Changing Classes: The Art of Blending Theme and Sequence

Module 2

9am - 4:30pm
4th March 2022
Words Matter: The Art of Potent, Positive Communication

Module 3

9am - 4:30pm
29 April 2022
The Power and Beauty of Breath: The Art of Teaching Breath in Practice

Module 4

9am - 4:30pm
20th May 2022
Embodying Philosophy: The Art of Bringing Philosophy to Life

Module 5

9am - 4:30pm
1 July 2022
Touch of Grace: Mastering The Art of Physical Assists (part 1)
9am - 4:30pm
2 July 2022
Touch of Grace: Mastering The Art of Physical Assists (part 2)
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Apr 29 2022




Clayfield Yoga Studio
30 Wagner Road, Clayfield, Brisbane
Julie Smerdon


Julie Smerdon

Julie Smerdon is an international yoga teacher, storyteller, writer, and perennial student who has been sharing yoga, meditation, and inspiration since 2002. Privileged to have studied under master teachers in both yoga and meditation, Julie offers these practices as a means to empower, connect, and inspire people to cultivate a richer, more conscious experience of life. With her trademark warmth, humour, and enthusiasm Julie presents these concepts in a masterful style that blends strong technique with perceptive insights that ignite the soul.


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