The Art of Teaching: Module 1

Creating Life-Changing Classes: The Art of Blending Theme and Sequence

If you’ve ever had a yoga teacher who changed your life with the subtle way they wove movement and a message together, then you’ve experienced the power of potent theming. Using themes will set your classes apart, but expert theming is more than just a ‘spiritual sandwich’ where you begin and end class with an inspirational poem or quote. A great theme has a sequence that supports the message and is woven throughout the class. This powerful combination gives your students a full-body experience of the concept you’re exploring that will lift, inspire and leave them feeling transformed.

Becoming a more inspiring teacher is a way to differentiate your classes from the hundreds of other classes on offer. The best teachers help students understand their potential as well how to do poses. Skilful theming is the perfect way to achieve this.

In this module we’ll explore:

  • How understanding your own mission in teaching informs your themes
  • How to come up with compelling, inspiring themes for your classes AND…
  • How to design a sequence that amplifies that theme
  • How to weave your theme throughout a class in a way that enhances your sequence rather than disrupting it.
  • You’ll receive a booklet of themes and sequences that we design together, giving you a head start as you begin to work this magical teaching tool into your own classes.

This event is part of The Art of Teaching, a 50-hour continuing education program for yoga teachers. Participants may complete the full 50-hour Art of Teaching program OR may take part in any individual modules. Each individual module will earn participants the corresponding CEC’s with Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance.

Due to the ongoing nature of COVID, please be aware that if necessary, this module may need to be either rescheduled or moved online. 

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Apr 29 2022


11:00 am - 6:00 pm




Clayfield Yoga Studio
30 Wagner Road, Clayfield, Brisbane

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