The Art of Teaching: Module 4

The Power and Beauty of Breath: The Art of Teaching Breath in Practice

Any teacher will tell you that yoga is a breath-centred practice.  But how many times have you found yourself in a class so fast-paced that you’re left breathless as you practice and exhausted afterward? The way you breathe not only helps you move more easily into a pose, but it is also is key to the movement of Prana, or life force within your body. More than just linking breath to movement, proper instruction of the breath is crucial to a full experience of the practice. Even in the strongest classes a teacher’s skilful focus on breath is the difference between students leaving class feeling invigorated and full of vitality or depleted and exhausted.

Modern research is backing up the wisdom of the ancient traditions, showing us that focusing on how we breathe can rejuvenate our organs, ease allergies and autoimmune disease, even stop snoring!

In this module we’ll explore:

  • How to link breath to movement
  • The importance of breath when holding poses
  • Basic subtle body anatomy and how Prana moves in the body
  • The three focal points –working with the energetic nexus of a pose
  • Basic Pranayama techniques and how to incorporate them into your classes

This event is part of The Art of Teaching, a 50-hour continuing education program for yoga teachers. Participants may complete the full 50-hour Art of Teaching program, OR may take part in any individual modules. Each individual module will earn participants the corresponding CEC’s with Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance.

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Module 4

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Jul 29 2022


11:00 am - 6:00 pm




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