The Essence Within: An Immersion into The Heart of Yoga

Yoga Immersion Brisbane

Join our nurturing community of like-minded souls on this five-month immersion into the heart of yoga. This program is a haven for students yearning to delve deeper into the core teachings of yoga, and for teachers craving a spark of inspiration and renewal. Together with some of Australia’s most esteemed thought leaders in yoga and related topics, we’ll collaborate to create a transformative adventure through a combination of in-person gatherings and a private online forum.

Each of our five weekends will be a mini-retreat full of growth and discovery, bringing the rich teachings of yoga directly to you. These in-person meetups will anchor your journey, offering a chance to connect with peers and mentors, deepen your practice, and learn to weave the wisdom of yoga into the fabric of your daily life. In the weeks between, our online space will serve as a vessel for further growth and reflection, nurturing the seeds planted during our time together.

With an impressive lineup of extraordinary guest instructors, this program promises a rich exploration of the diverse expressions and practices of yoga. You’ll not only reinvigorate your practice, you’ll meet mentors with decades of insight, and form enduring friendships. This is a celebration of yoga’s collective heart, where every encounter is designed to profoundly enrich your life. From exploring the latest in yoga’s evolution to rekindling the passion in your personal or teaching journey, this program is your pathway to aYoga Immersion Brisbane renewed spirit and invigorated practice.

When you dive deep into the heart of yoga, you’ll discover that it’s not about perfecting pose, it’s a way of life. As we explore yoga together, you’ll unlock its potential to enrich the way you experience life. Emerging from “The Essence Within,” you’ll carry with you not just the essence of yoga’s wisdom but a personal transformation that uplifts your practice, teaching, relationships, and the daily dance of life.



        • Asana Technique – The Anusara Method
        • The History & Evolution of Yoga Philosophy
        • Applying Philosophy to Modern Life
        • Pranayama – Purpose and Practices
        • Yoga Mythology with Andrew Mournehis
        • Ayurveda with Chara Caruthers
        • Chakras and Subtle Body Anatomy with Michelle Coates
        • Innate Meditation– with Allison Potts


Julie Smerdon, Lead Teacher

Julie Smerdon – Lead Teacher

Julie is a yoga teacher, writer, and podcast host whose caring approach makes yoga’s ancient wisdom sparkle with relevance to modern yogis. Privileged to have studied under master teachers in both yoga and meditation, Julie is a teacher’s teacher, widely known for her ability to blend solid technique with soul-stirring insights. Her teacher trainings have produced many of Brisbane Australia’s top instructors, as well as teachers and studio owners on three continents. With her characteristic warmth and humour, Julie’s mission is to help her students discover a more abundant life experience through yoga.


Chara Caruthers – Ayurveda

Chara is a passionate and outspoken advocate of the power of living your bliss. After years as a successful corporate engineer living in the fast-paced environments of LA, New York, London and Sydney she stepped away from it all to live a more authentic life, with a little help from Ayurveda. She’s a senior yoga teacher, yoga therapist and Ayurvedic consultant with a clear and powerful message… Know yourself, Love Yourself. She’s also dedicated to empowering women to live juicier more connected lives at any age.

Michelle Coates – Chakras

In Yogic tradition, the human body has seven energy centres called Chakras which represent Prana – our vital energy or “life force”. Through understanding where they are placed and how they are ‘spinning’ you gain a deep and insightful understanding of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual patterns. Michelle has developed a unique ability to intuitively translate energy patterns of the subtle or energetic body (Chakras). As a qualified aromatherapist, yoga teacher, channel, and group facilitator, her 25+ years of experience have enabled her to draw upon these modalities to facilitate energy movement and balance within the body, making space for self-awareness and healing.

virginia corpus-mcdermottVirginia Corpus-McDermott – Self Care

​With an MBA from Yale University in the US, Virginia was once an investment banker in New York City who ran marathons for fun. Since discovering yoga while looking to release her tight hamstrings, Virginia has become an international yoga educator formally trained by some of today’s most well-respected yoga and movement educators. Virginia prides herself on empowering self-care through therapeutic movement and educating students about their anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. She champions the art of breathing, which helps manage stress and improve all-around health and performance.

Andrew Mournehis – Yoga Mythology

With a broad background encompassing over 16 years in Transpersonal Counselling and Art Therapy, 25 years as a yoga teacher, and almost 30 years in creative arts and dance, Andrew has led workshops, retreats, and healing groups across the globe. Andrew’s teaching combines his deep passion for yoga, mythology, storytelling and group healing. His classes are rich in tantric philosophy, inspiration and fun! He will have you laughing, crying and falling in love with the beauty of life.

Alison Potts – Innate Meditation

Alison Potts is a meditation teacher, teacher trainer, mentor, speaker and writer who has dedicated the last decade to developing and sharing practices for greater self-connection, self-worth and thriving. Her library of guided meditations has over a quarter of a million listens, supporting users in self-care and inner thriving, including increasing vitality, managing anxiety and enhancing sleep. Above all, Alison teaches from the heart of her own experience, the wisdom of her brilliant students and a passion for individuality and individual embodiment. Her work facilitates people of all kinds to renew their love of life, thrive in their individuality and reclaim their innate sense of freedom, spontaneity and joy.

Prerequisites and Required Reading

This course is open to anyone with yoga class experience and a desire to deepen their knowledge and practice. Stiffness and injuries are welcome! It’s the perfect course for teachers wanting to brush up on the core practices of yoga, and get re-inspired about their teaching practice. Teachers will receive a certificate for 75 CEC’s for Yoga Australia and/or Yoga Alliance.

Some additional materials will be needed including the following reading list:

Course Fees & Payment Options

Cost: $2199

$250 non-refundable deposit due upon acceptance of application, and applied to the full price.

Balance of course fees less deposit due on or before 1 August 2024

Contact me to discuss payment plan options


**To ensure a cohesive and deeply enriching experience for all participants, we kindly ask you for your commitment to the full duration of the course. This commitment honours your personal growth journey and also supports the collective learning and cohesiveness of our community. Refunds will not be given except in the most extreme circumstances.


Hourly Schedule

Weekend 1

Saturday 24 August
Sunday 25 August

Weekend 2

Saturday 28 September
Sunday 29 September

Weekend 3

Saturday 2 November
Sunday 3 November

Weekend 4

Saturday 14 December
Sunday 15 December

Weekend 5

Saturday 18 January
Sunday 19 January


Aug 24 2024



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