Support and Education for Teachers

Most long-time teachers will tell you that a 200-Hour Training is just your introduction to teaching yoga. Once you begin to teach, your in-class experience allows you to begin to understand your student’s bodies, temperaments, and learning styles. Continuing education, under the guidance of experienced and trusted teachers will challenge you to outgrow old frameworks, and encourage you on your journey to new levels of understanding. As professionals, yoga teachers need to continuously refine and redefine our teaching within a rapidly changing industry. As someone committed to my own continued growth as a teacher, I’ve had my most rewarding continuing education experiences when I’ve chosen to study with teachers who offer skills and experience that I lack. Whether online or in-person, continuing education is an essential part of maintaining the professionalism of our community and the vocation we love.

Julie teaches with depth and heart, helping teachers to build and grow in a supportive environment. Ai Chaw
Julie creates a beautiful environment that is not only welcoming, but safe. Safe to share, learn and ask questions, nothing is ever silly and Julie is so generous with her insights and knowledge. Julie creates a beautiful feeling of community and a space that is respectful, supportive and fun. One that I am excited and proud to be part of. I know that I am now equipped with great knowledge and confidence to be an even better teacher to serve the community. Rita
I wanted to say a big thank you for all you did for the group last year, and for your ongoing support for teachers. It was honestly one of the best things I have ever done. I learnt so much and to be guided by you was a real privilege. Brigitte
I love Julie’s refreshingly down to earth style, big heart and great humour! She is a rare teacher who’s incredible depth of knowledge and skill is matched by an uncanny ability to communicate and inspire, making even the most difficult concepts easy to understand. She will transform your practice and your teaching! Sarah Haigh
Wise, soulful and down to earth, not only does Julie facilitate a course bursting with goodness, she creates authentic community. Yoga is connection… connection to self, of mind, body & soul, to others, to the Divine. The sense of community that Julie fosters provides a support network that as the course unfolds is invaluable. Julie rocks, the course rocks, and you’ll start connecting all kinds of dots you’d never even contemplated. Dive in. Kylie Walker

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