A Season to Practice What I Preach…

In this short, heartfelt episode titled I break my long silence on social media to share a deeply personal journey. Over the last three months, our lives have been consumed by Layne’s ongoing health challenges. Up until last week, my days were a mix of hospital corridors, work, and the lovely chaos of daily life. Faced with numerous unknowns and the unpredictability of his treatment and recovery, both of us have been challenged to embody the very heart of yoga during a frightening time. This episode is a candid reflection on the trials we’re facing, the lessons we are learning, and how this trying period has been a true test of living the values I write and teach about.  UPDATE:  At the time I recorded this, Layne was still in hospital, but he’s home now with a PICC line and a nurse visiting daily ☺️

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