Dr Lisa Miller | The Awakened Brain

Ohhh where to start…I first heard of Dr Lisa Miller when a friend (thank you, Kate!) shared a podcast that Lisa was a guest on. Halfway through that podcast I went out and bought her book “The Awakened Brain, The New Science of Spirituality and Our Quest For an Inspired Life” and read it…Twice. When I reached out to her over Instagram about being on my podcast, I held on very loosely to the hope that she would agree, and when she did agree I almost couldn’t believe it! I left this conversation feeling completely inspired. Lisa has worked with leaders in industry, the US Military, Schools and Universities, and more.

She’s asked the question “What makes life worth living?” and found evidence-based answers. Please don

’t miss this one!

Find Dr Lisa Miller:

Website:  https://www.lisamillerphd.com/

On Instagram: @dr.lisamiller

Ted Talk

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