Embracing challenges sparks creativity and innovation

Embracing Challenge for Personal Evolution

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

When we were first together, Layne used this Plato quote to explain how, with limited resources compared to Americans, Australians had developed a culture of ingenuity in the days before the internet. With a strong spirit of resourcefulness and adaptability, Aussies became experts at finding creative solutions and making the most of what was available by repurposing the resources they had to meet the challenges they faced.
These days for most of us, pretty much everything we want is only a mouse click away, and social media bombards us with images of ‘easeful’ and ‘perfect’ lives. It’s no surprise then, that many of us have forgotten the value of a good challenge, and how the tension and discomfort that’s created when we’re challenged sparks our most inventive ideas and creations. Like a butterfly struggling to free itself from its chrysalis, it’s through challenge and even struggle that ideas are reborn, reshaped, and refined into something extraordinary.

It’s when we are pushed to our limits that we find the courage to adapt, be flexible, and think outside the box.
In short…we GROW.


Yoga is a wonder-ful tool that can help us learn to stay centered in times of challenge and discomfort. By focusing on our breath and grounding ourselves in the present, we begin to find ways to navigate discomfort with greater ease. We learn that we can soften our resistance and surrender to any experience, recognising that discomfort is temporary and is often an opportunity for learning and growth.
While it’s equally vital to have periods of ease and flow, it’s important to remember that even though it’s not fun, struggle is a fundamental part of the human experience. The trials and tribulations we face are where our souls find their true colours. When we’re tested and challenged, we’re forced to confront our weaknesses and fears, and meet the things that hold us back head-on.

As I often do, I’m writing this for me as much as for you.

© Julie Smerdon 2023

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