Maggie Gardener | Inclusivity, Brain Health & Putting a Tutu on the Badger

I first met Maggie Gardener when she came to try a class of mine before committing to my teacher training. I was immediately struck by her warmth, presence and intelligence. Maggie has gone on to open a studio of her own where the focus is on creating a safe space where students can show up exactly as they are without the fear of being judged or even worse, ignored.  We talk about the need for inclusivity in all areas of yoga, and how teachers can make students living in bigger bodies feel not just seen, but welcomed. We also touch on mental health, and how ‘brain heath’ is a much more positive name for an aspect of wellness that touches us all at one time or another. 

PS You’ll have to listen to learn about ‘Putting a Tutu on the Badger’

Website: The Blissful Canary Yoga
Instagram: @the_blissful_canary

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