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I first met Pete Longworth through a mutual friend here in Brisbane, and was immediately captivated by his story of how yoga had enhanced his ability to do what he did through his camera – “see the beauty.” Since that day, we’ve had more adventures than I can count. The beautiful photos you see on my website were captured on some of our adventurous collaborations. 

Pete is a self-described ‘visual poet’, who has worked with the likes of Simon Sinek and the Obamas. He’s not only a supremely gifted artist, he is one of the most enthusiastic and upbeat people I know. His ability to see the beauty through the lens of his camera has had a profound impact on me and countless others who have been lucky enough to work with him. Now he’s taken his years of experience to help others create content that matters, work that adds value to the digital conversation rather than just adding to the noise.

Find Pete:


Instagram: @petelongworth

Facebook: @PeteLongworthPhotography

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