Casey Conroy | Wellness without the Bullsh*t

I met Casey Conroy during my very first months living in Australia and was captivated by her bright spirit and intelligence. She was a bright-eyed university student at the time and left Brisbane not long after we met, but I’ve followed her journey over the years and she has grown to be an accomplished and highly regarded practitioner in the wellness sphere.  In addition to a degree in veterinary science, this self-described ‘non-diet yogi’ is a nutritionist, yoga teacher, strength coach and naturopath-in-training.

I so appreciate her ‘No Bullshit’ approach to wellness and her courage in calling out BS in our industry. Her passion for helping people reframe their relationship to food and their bodies through a focus on wellness rather than weight has helped countless people feel more comfortable in their own skin. Check out her blog and her podcast (available on her website), she has so much wisdom to offer!

Find Casey:

Instagram:  @caseyaconroy  and



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