The Power of Community

20+ years ago, in the basement of United Airlines corporate HQ, I was running yoga classes for United Employees. It was not long after 9/11 in the US and we were bonding over the shared trauma of it all, and using the practice to help us try to make sense of it. From that group sprung friendships that still exist today. Many who attended those classes are on my mailing list or subscribe to my online library of classes even today, more than twenty years later.

Last weekend, I hosted a retreat here outside of Chicago, and many of the participants were students from those long-ago United Airlines classes. Being with these beautiful humans was a profound reminder of the power of community to bring people together, and help us transcend differences so we can unite around common goals. Within the embrace of community, we find a sense of belonging and connection that often stands the test of time. 

Right now in Australia is an extra-important time to remember that one of the superpowers of community is its ability to ignite positive change. Groups of like-minded humans inspire movements, give voice to silenced truths, and drive social and environmental progress.

Through collaboration and shared purpose, communities become sculptors of change, and catalysts for positive transformation.

The power of community transcends physical gatherings; it’s an art form, an expression of humanity’s collective heart. Its treasure lies not only in its ability to bring people together but also in its capacity to shape individuals, nurture growth, and create a sense of unity in an often fragmented world. 

We need this now more than ever.

So go find your tribe and be with them. They are your sanctuary, your refuge when things get crazy. Together, we weave a cloak of resilience, laced with strands of understanding and support that buoys us just when we need it.

© Julie Smerdon 2023

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