The Empowering Essence of Yoga

Most of us have heard stories about people who have seemingly endless internal repositories of strength. They seem to navigate ongoing challenges and even tragedy with grace and fortitude. When they fall, they get back up and keep going. Every time.
On the other hand, there’s the “perennial victim.” When faced with similar challenges, this person perceives themselves as continually mistreated and defeated by life, rather than embracing personal responsibility and the power of choosing how to respond when things get tough.

When faced with challenges, why is it that some of us persevere and even grow in strength and spirit, while others of us whither and fade?

Rather than being a personality trait, personal power is a dynamic and evolving aspect of your identity that can be nurtured and developed. Yoga is a like secret pathway to your inner superhero—a journey that connects you with a natural wellspring of personal power you might not have known existed. It’s not about touching your toes or perfecting poses; it’s about touching your soul and perfecting the art of self-discovery.
Yoga teaches that our power comes from the inside. On your mat you learn to embrace your unique strengths and quirks and begin to see that your power has always been there, burning steadily beneath the outfit, the makeup, the title; or beneath the lack of those things. When you step off the mat after a juicy practice, you’re reminded that you’re strong and that all is well, even when circumstances tell you otherwise.

Yoga practice illuminates the idea that personal power is not a force to dominate but a current to navigate.

Within the dance of asana and the spaciousness that follows, we find a more authentic, compassionate, and empowered way of living. At its essence, yoga is a discovery of the inherent power within you, a gentle reminder that true strength emanates from the heart.

© Julie Smerdon 2023

Photo: Pete Longworth

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